Running and the Creative Process

English: The Seven Stage Dynamic of the Creati...

English: The Seven Stage Dynamic of the Creative Process (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Below is a chart of the creative process :



Collect background information and focus your attention on the problem or opportunity.


After reviewing, researching and processing information,  run on it.


Develop an action plan to apply or execute your new idea or ideas. Part of this step is to test and modify as you take action to create what you thought of as solution or answer to the original problem-opportunity.


As I run, this process becomes more and more easy for me. Especially during the incubation step, can running help me in the creative process. I often try to research and fact find regarding a problem or opportunity the days before I plan a long slow run. Even if I intend to just run in a more mindless, less mindful way, this preparation before my long run often yields the best results for my movement through the creative process. Give it a try!

A few readers suggest I mention  “run on it”  for the incubation step of the creative  process be replaced with other activities such as, climbing, swimming, cycling, walking and sleeping. (There were other more “crazed” suggestions as well, but even if I do agree they may also be effective activities during the incubation step, I am not comfortable posting them on my blog.)

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